Daily Schedule

7:30am Breakfast

Please note:

-We need 30 minutes notice for your child to receive meals

-No outside food is allowed for over 1 year olds

-If your child is late for a meal but has a reservation, you will still be charged for the meal.


Activities that follow the monthly and weekly theme will be offered each day!

8:30am Free Play
9:30am Morning Snack
10:00am Morning Activity - Story Time/Coloring Time


12:00pm Relaxation/Movie Time
1:00pm Afternoon Activity - Arts/Carfts/Play Dough
2:30pm Afternoon Snack
3:30pm Playground
5:00pm Playground (optional)
6:00pm Dinner
6:30pm Free Play
7:30pm Story Time/Activities
8:00pm Evening Snack (Friday and Saturday only)
8:30pm Date Night Activity (Friday and Saturday only)




Happy kids in a line


Holiday Hours


Sat 11/18 - CLOSED
W 11/22 - Close @5
Th 11/23 - CLOSED
F 11/24 - Close @ 6
S 11/25 - open normal

Testimonial mom - The Buddy BinI feel very confident leaving my children at The Buddy Bin. They have a fabulous staff of patient, happy people who love children. The have rules that they adhere to, which makes me feel sure that my children are safe. The best thing is my children love to go there, so I know they are well taken care of.
(Tami J - mom)