Daily Schedule

7:30am Breakfast

Please note:

-We need 30 minutes notice for your child to receive meals

-No outside food is allowed for over 1 year olds

-If your child is late for a meal but has a reservation, you will still be charged for the meal.


Activities that follow the monthly and weekly theme will be offered each day!

8:30am Free Play
9:30am Morning Snack
10:00am Morning Activity - Story Time/Coloring Time


12:00pm Relaxation/Movie Time
1:00pm Afternoon Activity - Arts/Carfts/Play Dough
2:30pm Afternoon Snack
3:30pm Playground
5:00pm Playground (optional)
6:00pm Dinner
6:30pm Free Play
7:30pm Story Time/Activities
8:00pm Evening Snack (Friday and Saturday only)
8:30pm Date Night Activity (Friday and Saturday only)




Happy kids in a line


Adjusted Hours


Sat. May 4 - closed
Fri. May 24 - Close @ 6pm
Sat. May 25 - Closed
Mon. May 27 - Closed



Testimonial Girl - Hourly Daycare - The Buddy BinI am so grateful to know that each day I go to work or just run some errands that my daughter is at a place where she is loved. I can't be with her 24/7, so I am glad their staff can be there when I am not. It means a lot to have a place to take your child that you completely trust!
(Natalie C - mom)