AM Class – 9am-10:50am (Full)

Focus more on basics :

  • Letter Recognition & Sounds – new letter introduced each week
  • Counting & Number Recognition
  • Shapes, Colors, Rhyming words
  • Fine Motor Skills – writing, cutting, pasting, & activities to strengthen these muscles
  • Daily Classroom Responsibilities
  • Social Skills & Classroom Etiquette

MID Class 11-12:50 OR

PM Class – 1pm-2:50pm

Focus on Kindergarten readiness :

  • More in depth study of Letters & Sounds – letters introduced in an order that will
  • lead naturally to reading
  • Weekly Sight Words
  • Counting & Number Recognition – Counting by 5’s & 10’s
  • Weekly themes with Math, Science, Crafts, and games to reinforce our learning
  • Opportunities to Lead Class and Participate in Daily Jobs
  • Social Skills and Classroom Etiquette

Kids Testimonial- Hourly Daycare - The Buddy BinI like to play with my friends and the toys.
(Dylan R)